Our Story

Our journey to France hasn’t been without its twists and turns but we’ve made it and we can’t wait until we  are able to open our doors to guests.  You will have an amazingly tranquil time I can assure you. It’s so quiet and restful here at La Maison Blanche and with the woods all around us you are therefore guaranteed woodpeckers by day and owls by night for company.  Oh and not forgetting the frog chorus in the springtime emanating from Claude’s pond in the woods when the frogs get a little – ‘amoureuse’ shall we say.  Our French house renovations have begun and we’ve waited a long time for it to happen.

La Maison Blanche is situated in a tiny hamlet just a very short walk from the little town of Saint-Romain-de-Benet in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine in the Department of Charente Maritime, which is on the Atlantic west coast of France. Living here we are now officially known as Saint-Rominoises!

We live next to three natural springs, ‘Trois Fontaines’ as our address suggests.  One of the springs is directly opposite the house on a tiny track that winds its way into the village between the woods and the fields.  In summer the fields are planted with either sunflowers or maize and it’s sight to behold when there are swathes of bright yellow sunflowers as far as the eye can see.

Following the track and just a ten minute stroll you pass the second natural spring and picnic area which leads on to the square of Saint-Romain-de-Benet. Our lovely little village has a patisserie, a boucherie,  Simon’s bar- which is also our post-office, coffee bar, tabac, newsagents and shop.  Of course there is the grand architecture of the Mairie or ‘Town Hall’ across the road  and the beautiful XII century church of Saint Romain with two unusual round domes and a square bell-tower.

On our doorstep and literally minutes away is the beautiful Abbaye de Sablonceaux a former Augustinian monastery established in 1136 by William X, Duke of Aquitaine.  We are 20 minutes from the coast and the wonderful sandy beaches of Meschers, Royan and Saint-Palais-sur-Mer need I say more. 

There is so much to see and do very close by and nearby airports in La Rochelle, (1 hr ), Bordeaux, (1 hr 45 mins), Poitiers (1 hr 45 mins), Limoges (2 hrs 10 mins) Nantes (2 hrs 15 mins).

We’ll be opening for bookings before you know it so keep an eye on this website and follow our French house renovations as they happen or sign up to our mailing list.