Boats on La Charente at Taillebourg. Just one of the many places on my list of ‘painting days’ to choose from. The problem is I have about 25 beautiful and interesting places on my list but only 6 days to try and chose the best ones!

I have lots of things planned with a different painting location each day. The Charente Maritime region has the most beautiful countryside with  ancient towns, coast, beach and river locations. It is going to be great fun.

We will be visiting the World Heritage Site of Brouage which is a fortified city left behind in the marshes when the sea retreated.   The ancient seaport of La Rochelle with its spectacular harbour and cobbled streets. Saint-Palais-sur-Mer an idyllic little seaside town and Saintes on the Charente with its Roman Arch of Germanicus and amphitheatre.

Any of you who know the artist DJ (David Johnson) will know that he will be swapping the chilly mountain slopes of Wales for a week in the sunny and warm region of Charente Maritime, France.  DJ is not only a great and accomplished, published artist who regularly features in artist’s magazines such as the SAA but he is funny and entertaining!

Our artists will be using the best of the best with Jullian Easels, Michael Harding oil paints and Rosemary Brushes so we have no excuse not to produce a masterpiece!!

There are 8 places left so if you want to book you can find all the details right here on the website under Painting Holidays or give me a call, Glyn on 07962178336 or send an email to