From the time I entered senior school at age 11, I developed a love of pencil drawing  and art.  I really looked forward to those art lessons and enjoyed learning about perspective, tone and colour.   

I recall picking up a book from my nearby library about the life of Paul Cezanne and found I loved reading about the post-impressionist artists of France and Spain.

I did a sketch of Cezanne’s own self-portrait he painted in 1895 and found, to my surprise, my interpretation was very like the photo in the book.  My love of art spurred me on to do more and I became top in art at school for 4 years eventually winning the 4th year prize for art in my final year.

I wanted to study art at university but circumstances prevented this and I became a junior secretary instead.

Fast forward to 6 years ago and in my retirement I joined an art group whilst I was living in Surrey and my love of art was finally re-kindled.

Since then I have been lucky enough to complete a life drawing class,  two courses in acrylics and a mosaics course in London. 

Currently I am working on some very large canvases  – 1.6m x 3m using acrylic flow paint. I will post some photos of these when they are stretched and mounted. 

The sheer escapism whilst painting is immeasurable and I hope you enjoy looking at my art as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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