We have a little lane at the back of our house.  It’s very quiet and it meanders past the wood and the frog pond and in the summertime the lane is usually flanked by glorious yellow sunflowers like a yellow carpet as far as the eye can see.

It’s always a wonderful sight and each summer always seems to be better than the one before.

Last summer we had a long spell of very hot weather and the farmers were not allowed to water certain crops and the poor sunflowers were unfortunately one of those crops.
Consequently by the end of August the sunflowers looked in a bit of a sorry state.
I am sure this year all will be fine as we have had an enormous amount of rain right up until the beginning of June.
I like to dry off a few sunflower heads and hang them up with their seeds facing upwards for the birds in winter.  They love them during December, January and February before they have their young and its lovely to see the wide variety of birds that come to visit us.
Our young grandsons like to plant sunflower seeds to see who can manage to grow the tallest one and the one with the largest seed head.  I think the world record is 30 feet 1 inch so they have a bit of a way to go yet.
Hope your summer is sunny and bright like our sunflowers.